About Auto Werkstatt in Kent

We are owned and operated by John White of Kent, WA. 

We want to welcome visitors from the website for AutoKraft of Kent, who recently retired. While AutoKraft is no longer in business, we are happy to take care of your German car repair needs, with the same high quality of work that AutoKraft and Bob offered here for 30 years!

John started out in the car repair business as a mechanic’s apprentice in Germany, and then worked toward and received an associate’s degree in Auto Mechanics in Germany after that three year apprenticeship. He continued on to being a journeyman mechanic at a Mercedes dealership from there. In 2009, John moved over to the United States and got work here as a journeyman mechanic and then worked at a BMW and Mini dealership as a master technician for 10 years. 

Auto Werkstatt is your one stop shop for European and German car and auto repair in Kent, WA. We service Porsche, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mini and Mercedes cars.

Please call for more information!

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